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Simple Ways to Make Money Using a Popular Micro-blogging Service

Hello Folks, 
This is going to be the short and sweet post. 
If you are looking out to make money online then here is a way to do so using Twitter, a popular micro-blogging service. 

Follow these steps...

Step1: Get yourself registered by visiting this URL http://spn.tw/r2tRx
Step2: Set your price per tweet, 
Step3: Pick your advertisers
Step4: Tweet as per their requirement 
Step5: Wait for your tweet approval (An advertiser takes a day or two to approve your tweets)
Step6: Get paid via Paypal 

That's it... 
An example of my sponsored tweet... 
Want to win a 16GB WIFI #ipad? It's simple, "LIKE" the Mavenlink's facebook fanpage & enter for a lucky drawing http://spn.tw/trXeP

So, if you are ready just go register here http://spn.tw/r2tRx
Ok, one last thing... Let us get connected via twitter? Follow me and i'll follow your for sure... 
I am here http://twitter.com/emarketingguy

How can the fairy collective surprise the sin?

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