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Why Blogging Is A Good Internet Business Idea

This is a guest post from Lena and Dima Morrish.

After you have been in business for a while, you may start to wonder, “How can I make my website even better?”  If you are looking for a way to boost your business, then you should consider a blog.  Here are just a few reasons why a blog is a good internet business idea.

Blogs Are Inexpensive
One of the keys to operating a successful and profitable business is keeping your costs low.  Like a website, a blog is also very affordable.  Many sites such as Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal are free blog publishing tools which require no technical expertise and allow you to start blogging immediately.

Blogs Are Easy To Maintain
Free blog sites such as those mentioned are also easy to work with.  They have ready-made blog templates that can be easily customized.  You can modify virtually any aspect of your blog template from its background colors and fonts to its general layout.

Blog templates also have rich-text editors which allow you to do virtually everything – such as adding images or establishing links - with a simple button click. 

You can easily add flair to your blog by embedding videos or adding images that will both draw people’s attention and make your blog show up in search engines.  There are tutorials for just about everything you want to do on your blog, both on the blog sites themselves and online.  These tutorials will take you through every step of blogging such as posting images, embedding videos, and adding customized widgets.

Blogs Give You A Fresh And Lively Web Presence
While your company website is fairly static and rarely changes, your blog is dynamic and constantly changing.  Think of your blog as your company’s daily voice, one which can speak about more than just your products and services.  On a blog, you can offer advice, comment or make announcements about related news, or even call for customer input.  You can also hire ghost writers for a nominal fee to come in and write articles for you.

If you give them a compelling reason, your customers will want to come back to your blog and see what you are saying and what is happening with your company. 

Blogs Are Fun and Easily Accessible For Your Customers
Your customers will have no problems finding their way around on a blog because blogs are organized by category. People can easily go to the part of the blog that most interests them. 

Blogs are also automatically formatted for commentary making them a great way to encourage both customer feedback and communication. If you can get people talking on your site, it is going to draw attention to it.  It is not too difficult to get people to start commenting.  Many blogs offer discount coupons for simple, but well-thought-out comments.

Blogs Are Good Email Marketing Tools
A blog is also an excellent way to enhance your marketing campaign.  Blogs can seem less invasive and sales pitchy than emails.  They are an easy and somewhat more casual way to way announce your new ideas and products or to offer incentives for purchasing your products or signing up for email announcements. 

About the Authors
Lena and Dima Morrish are successful internet marketers who run Bridge to Success Co. If you are looking to start a home internet business, please visit their site www.btsuccess.com, where you will find a myriad of information on how to build your own website that is profitable, as well as information on using your marketing tools.

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